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Everyone who has ever used a computer can testify to the fact that sometimes computers just do weird things!

Every day we solve computer problems ranging from removing a nasty virus, to bringing a totally dead computer back to life. It really doesn't matter whether your system is new, or several years old.  You can, and probably will encounter problems along the way.

You might just need a little assistance installing new device in your machine

  A new network, sound, modem, or video card

  Peripherals such as document scanners, printers, external DVDRW/CDRW's, DVD's, and storage devices

  You might need help setting up your Internet account, e-mail, or some complex software

Whether you are home user or a small business owner, you can depend on our friendly on-site service to get your PC up and running again - Contact us today.

With the advent of Broadband and the popularity of the MP3 music format and DVD movies available for download, many people find that they need more storage...much more!  You might be surprised how affordable it is to increase the size of your hard drive(s) to amazing capacities.  You can now affordably store literally tens of thousands of MP3's, and hundreds of full-length DVD movies on your local hard drive and enjoy them without ever burning a CD!

Maybe your system is just running way too slow! We can upgrade slow, older systems with more memory and give your computer new life.

We can custom build a system for you that will outperform anything you can buy on the open market, while selling it to you cheaper than any pre-made system available.  You can save even more if you have previously purchased your operating system.

Feel free to contact us anytime you have a question. - View our profile on Computer Repair


Again, thank you for trusting Coalfield...

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